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Adivan Information Systems Ltd. was founded in 1997. as Troyer Consulting Ltd. and subsequently renamed Troyer Information Systems Ltd. (TIS) under the name of the majority owner Karl-Heinz Troyer.

With initial business of offering and developing software in banking, TIS has established itself as a leading development company using C ++, Java and Smalltalk-based technologies.

Subsequently, the company’s portfolio expanded in the field of web-technologies, multimedia projects and applications in the field of modern surgical medicine.
In 1997 the company has offered the professional version of one of the most popular Bible Study Software on the German-language Market – BibleWorkshop PRO (BWS). Over the next few years, over 30,000 copies were sold from BWS 4.0 – 5.0, while the accompanying libraries exceeded 50.

In 2008, shares of the company were acquired by Martin Teifenbach, founder and owner of Adivan High Tech AG, and so the TIS was renamed Adivan Information Systems Ltd. (AIS).
The company’s business scope has expanded with the deployment of enterprise resource planning (Sage OfficeLine) and development modules to Sage.
AIS has offered the first high-tech and specialized e-shop module integrated in OfficeLine 3.2.

In collaboration with experts from Adivan High Tech AG, AIS developers have implemented a variety of products in the field of quality control of CD / DVD production lines, mastering and embedding software, copy protection on different media, duplication systems, and more.

In addition to software development for its clients, AIS also offers local networking, system administration, information security products and antivirus protection.

With its versatile service and the quality of its products, AIS has won the trust of its customers, becoming a desirable partner in the IT field.